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About First Team LED Video Display, Inc.


Phipps & Company has been a part of the on going video revolution for over 30+ years. In the early 90’s we co-owned and operated the largest mobile production unit in the world, "Challenger Productions”. We did just about every major Network remote possible; from the Breeders Cup for NBC to ABC’s Monday Night football. It has been amazing to be part of the transition from ¾ video tape, 1’ & Beta SP to today’s HD non-linear editing systems.


Why did we venture into the LED "Jumbotron” business? Seven years ago Phipps & Company contracted with a major sports facility to crew and operate their new LED video board. What we saw was an industry that was so wrapped up in selling LED technology that they forgot about providing service and cared less about the creative side of what went on the video board, called "Content”. They just wanted to sell LED video boards and move on to the next sales opportunity.


With the experience and expertise needed to provide creative content and service, First Team LED Video Display was founded.


First Team LED Video Display currently owns and operates two 16’ x 9’ LED video boards in football stadiums. We sell all of our own advertisers, provide our own service and own our video production department for producing content. At First Team we understand the business from the inside, not just the outside sales perspective.


When attempting to sell advertisers on our first LED video board, it was difficult because the school only had 4 home football games that year. So we decided to move the LED video boards from football stadiums to high-profile highway locations. While at the stadiums for 5 months, they are used for replays and sponsor commercials. At their highway locations for the other seven months, they are used as outdoor billboards. Instead of just 4 homes games, sponsors get a whole year of advertising exposure, which dramatically increased our sponsorship revenue.


A few months later First Team was invited to make a proposal presentation to a major Division I University. We were the last to make a presentation. All the "BIG DOGS” had already been there.


I will never forget the meeting. We showed the seven person committee pictures of how we moved the video boards from the football stadiums and made them outdoor billboard. We showed them how we could lower the basketball scoreboard remove the video boards and relocate them within their arena or take them out to football, baseball and soccer venues.


WE got the Job. We even came up with a new fancy name for our concept "Multi-venue” Or as the University says "Maximize your investment”.


One of the distinct advantages of First Team Video Display is that we are not a manufacturer of LED, scoreboard or video equipment. Therefore we can select the right manufacturer that offers the best quality, price and warranty support for each the individual job.


First Team understands that a sporting event featuring up close replays, live video and high energy pre produced introductions is as important as the LED/video equipment itself. That is why we offer extensive production training. We understand that providing the equipment is just the beginning. Training and service support are the keys to a successful long term business relationship.


Although First Team LED Video Display is not very big, we are the best at what we do. Don’t take my word for it, just ask my clients.


Terry Phipps


First Team LED Video Display



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