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Custom Built Scoreboards & Video Boards

Designing, engineering and custom building a scoreboard/video board starts with determining the needs of the client. For Indiana State University, First Team purchased a standard scoreboard, attached it to a custom-built aluminum frame and then designed the four video boards so they could be removed and used in other areas of the Hulman Center to support entertainment events.


For Oral Roberts University, First Team designed, engineered and custom built the 20’ x 12” frame structure of the scoreboard/video board so it would handle the weight of the four removable video boards. We then had state-of-the-art digital electronics installed in the scoreboard that included team stat panels beside each video screen.

The real challenge was where the scoreboard/video board was going to be stored. The Event Center had a concrete beam leading into the storage area with a total height of 7’ ¼” which the carts, loaded with the video board and scoreboard, could not exceed.


For one client, First Team removed an old message center from their existing football scoreboard and installed a new 19’ x 9’ LED video board. For another client, First Team had to lower the older existing football scoreboard add six feet to the steel structure and place a new 17’ x 9’ LED video board at the top.

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