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Hoisting Systems

Each First Team client had specific needs that required a different approach to raising and lowering their scoreboard/video board. Additionally, each project required its own unique hoisting system. Indiana State University required the design and engineering of a complex catwalk that would be integrated into the Hulman Centers’ existing catwalk system for servicing the two 10-ton hoists.


In addition to raising and lowering the scoreboard/video board and removing the video boards for other applications, the Hulman Center needed the ability to move the entire scoreboard/video board structure in its entirety to the North end of the arena for storage during certain events. First Team designed four heavy-duty dollies for the scoreboard/video board to set on while a two-hoist system moved the structure down the arena floor to the North end.

To meet Oral Roberts University hoisting safety requirements,

First Team provided a computerized motion control system. The system allowed ORU to set a pre determined tolerance level between the lifting positions of all four hoists of + or – 5%. During the hoisting of the scoreboard/video board if any one of the four hoists got out of tolerance, the system would shut down and the operator would then have to reset the hoists back to within the designated tolerance.

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