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Welcome to First Team LED Video Display, Inc.


First Team LED Video Display is an independent provider of LED video boards

and Scoreboard systems for Stadiums and Arenas. We provide complete turnkey

projects from the ground up.


First Team selects the LED and scoreboard products in accordance with the specifications outlined by the customer or in the Bid application. First Team provides all required bonds (ie. bid bonds, performance bonds, workers comp, and liability insurance) as required by the client or contained within the bid specifications. First Team Video is committed to customer service and provides technical phone support and on-site service.


First Team works with the leading LED video board manufacturers in the country and recommends using either Nichia or Cree LEDs as they are the world leaders in LED chip technology and quality. Among major LED video board projects, First Team has installed Barco, Leyard and General Link. Daktronics, Electro-Mech, Spectrum and Nevco are the major scoreboard products we have installed. Audio systems have been Daktronics and Danley Sound Labs.

First Team specializes in reconditioning facilities. Many facilities are finding out that it is more economical to recondition rather than purchasing all new equipment for their football stadium or arena.


·        Upgrading the back-lit signage to LED lights.

·        Adding new creative arches with updated graphics to the structure

·        Installing a new LED video board while keeping the existing scoreboard  and 25 second clocks


First Team designs and installs video control rooms according to the clients / bid specifications.

Multi-venue, multi-use video board solutions...Flexibility!


Once looked upon as a novelty, LED video boards in arenas, convention centers and stadiums have now become popular and a necessity in competing for athletics, entertainment events, and fan support.


Purchasing a new scoreboard/LED video board and video control room for athletics can require a major capital investment. Then the decision has to be made as to who gets the first LED video board: Football, Basketball or Baseball?


Why install a fixed display when one investment in technology allows that same display to be moved between the football stadium, basketball arena, baseball stadium, and event center. It can even serve as an outdoor billboard located on the university campus or nearby busy highway, depending on your needs.


One example of this... over a three day period in February, the Mabee Center hosted a basketball game on Thursday February 26, 2009 a Concert on Friday February 27, 2009 and another basketball on Saturday February 28, 2009.

This required the scoreboard / video board to be assembled / disassembled

and stored twice over the 24 hour period. That's Flexibility!

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, First Team Video Display, Inc. specializes in the installation and operation of multi-venue LED display systems. First Team offers one-stop service. We provide all LED equipment, install and service that equipment, design and install video control rooms to client specifications, develop custom logo, animation, and advertisement content, and train staff for a commanding knowledge of their LED investment.

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