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Multi Use of Video Boards

Once looked upon as a novelty, LED video boards in arenas, convention centers and stadiums have now become popular and a necessity in competing for athletics, entertainment events, and fan support.


Purchasing a new scoreboard/LED video board and video control room for athletics can require a major capital investment. Why install a fixed display when one investment in technology allows that same display to be moved between the football stadium, basketball arena, baseball stadium, and event center? It can even serve as an outdoor billboard located on the University campus or nearby busy highway, depending on your needs.

Sponsors love the multi-venue LED approach. Why? Because, it maximizes sponsorship exposure and revenue. Two of First Team's LED video boards move between high school football stadiums and high-profile highway locations. While at the stadiums for 5 months, they are used for replays and sponsor commercials. At their highway locations for the next seven months, they are used as outdoor billboards. Instead of just 5 homes games, sponsors get a whole year of advertising exposure, which dramatically increases sponsorship revenue.

First Team's most unique project to date is a multi-venue scoreboard / video board system for Indiana State University. First Team designed the complete system including a 4-sided center-hung scoreboard; four 12' x 9' LED video displays, and a unique hoisting and catwalk system custom designed for raising, lowering, and storing the scoreboard when not being used for basketball.


After completion of the basketball season, two of the four 12' x 9’ LED video displays will rotate between baseball, softball and soccer venues on a specially designed trailer transport. After supporting spring sports, the video displays are taken to ISU's Memorial field for the football season before returning back to the Hulman Center for basketball. The other two 12’ x 9’ video displays remain in the Hulman Center to support entertainment events.

Indiana State University made one investment in four 12' x 9' LED video displays which now can meet the needs of basketball, men's Baseball, women's softball, soccer and football.

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