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Custom Built Scoreboards & Video Boards


Designing, engineering and custom building a scoreboard/video board starts with determining the needs of the client. For Indiana State University, First Team purchased a standard scoreboard, attached it to a custom-built aluminum frame and then designed the four video boards so they could be removed and used in other areas of the Hulman Center to support entertainment...  [READ MORE]

Hoisting Systems


Each First Team client had specific needs that required a different approach to raising and lowering their scoreboard/video board. Additionally, each project required its own unique hoisting system. Indiana State University required the design and engineering of a complex catwalk that would be integrated into the Hulman Centers’ existing catwalk system for servicing the two 10-ton...  [READ MORE]

Assembly/Disassembly of

Scoreboard/Video Board


The time it takes to lower the scoreboard/video board, assemble/disassemble and transport the elements to a designated storage area or to relocate the video boards to other areas of the arena is critical. Turn around time can be a major factor in booking...  [READ MORE]

Multi Use of Video Boards


Once looked upon as a novelty, LED video boards in arenas, convention centers and stadiums have now become popular and a necessity in competing for athletics, entertainment events, and...  [READ MORE]

Video Control Rooms and Equipment Recommendations


While the control room equipment may be an afterthought, it is integral to the overall product your facility is presenting to the audience, and more importantly, how your sponsors’ message is being...  [READ MORE]

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