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Video Control Rooms and Equipment Recommendations

While the control room equipment may be an afterthought, it is integral to the overall product your facility is presenting to the audience, and more importantly, how your sponsors’ message is being presented.


The system needs to be robust and open enough to handle the many file and tape formats that event producers and sponsors may provide but also, be industry standard for ease of use and staffing.


Our control rooms feature an SDI signal (Serial Digital Interface) in the wide screen format. SDI provides a broadcast quality signal, which translates to pristine images upon the LED display plus, the wide screen aspect ratio is the industry standard.

The system starts with the selected camera package based upon budget and the needs of the client. A broadcast quality SDI camera, capable of either studio or handheld configuration, is recommended for ease of use and multiple use facilities. The studio set-up features rear zoom, focus controls and a studio viewfinder.


The control room can be as simple as a switcher, replay, and a DVD or as complicated as a switcher, multiple DVRs, character generator, replay, DVD, tape playback, and a non-linear editing system.


First Team offers extensive training on every component of the control room equipment and provides specifications and recommendations for producing content as part of every install. First Team will even be present at your first event production.

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